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11 30, 2020

OLX - In-service applications, designed to stay classified for Android. With this app, you can select other participants, only city, category, and price range to check records to find your advertising system publishing goods and services from other users shortly after installation. And it can make itself... Not for a free account for correspondence with potential buyers and sellers Must be ndhani.

OLX interface easy and intuitive thanks to identifying content design style. The familiar swipe left navigation opens the right of the main menu. See the standard area where the user is actively adding recently added entries.

My ability to edit user records can be displayed in ads by going to the Ads tab or paying for goods and services. Active and Stored - Chat rooms split into two tabs message menu. Favorite bookmark loses any ads. There is a program or settings that change the password change notification settings or even remove the email.

In a nutshell, it should be noted that this program is a great replacement for the OLX web version - service, everything, because you know what site to get. And because developers are, in most cases, buying or selling more original systems information with the help of smartphones and tablets, it becomes much easier. 

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