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RobTop Games
2.2 untuk Android
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Jul 23, 2022

Developed by RobTop Games in 2013, Geometry Dash is a one-button game. The gameplay, esthetics, and soundtrack are all enjoyable. However, this is not the case.

It is a 2D neon-style platformer that is immensely popular. Each level has its own tune and is comprised of a number of obstacles, including cliffs, ski jumps, and other surprises. By pulling off complex moves and kurbits, you can make the gameplay stunning and lively. Jump when the time is right to cross the finish line. There is a level editor in the game that you can use to make your own levels and share them with other players.

The character will jump each time you touch the screen, with no other further action. In the main menu interface, you may select the role of control, system settings, and other parameters. You can then start the game after selecting a level. The game screen is quite clear, with no additional buttons to obstruct the player's field of sight. It's also important to note that the suspension HELP may be viewed at any moment. can start in the upper right corner of the game. Anyone who is unfamiliar with how the players work can see.

The game is quite easy to play; at the beginning of each level, the player's chosen job will be to move forward to the right. However, obstacles always impede the player's path, and the only way to get over them is to jump. The player's operation presents a significant challenge, and because of the constraints, the player will never know how the front of the terrain will look. As a result, the difficulty of the opponent is greatly increased by the number of players who can adhere to the most important factors, naturally. To go beyond their limits on a custom level, the player needs to use their imagination, as well as their quick thinking and skill, which they have to rely on a lot while playing.


Players just need to manage a square with a foolish face in order to conquer the game's difficulties. You can make the cube bounce higher and dodge obstacles by touching the screen.

At first appearance, Geometry Dash appears to be an accessible title. However, they are unaware of the ease with which it has induced so many inhibitions in a large number of gamers. It's impossible to master Geometry Dash because of the game's dizzying and demanding speed from the very beginning. In addition, the game is more appealing because of the close proximity of the obstacles. However, the lack of checkpoints in Geometry Dash may be what makes the game so challenging. When you die, unlike Mario, you'll be sent back to the beginning. Because of a thorn that grows in the wrong area, several gamers have attained 99 percent of the level. It's really horrible!


Geometry Dash's obstacles come in all shapes and sizes, and the variety only grows as the game progresses. It's common for a level to change scenes often, bringing players into new dimensions and introducing new difficulties. When the character enters the deep sea, for example, he or she will sit in a diving ship and take a dip. It is only beyond this point that you are presented with an entirely new set of challenges, such as enormous columns or subterranean volcanoes.

Not only that, but Geometry Dash's tasks have a distinct "purposeful" feel to them. It's not uncommon for the publisher to surprise the gamer with challenges that aren't immediately obvious. Because of this, players must have quick reactions and a firm grasp of their surroundings in order to survive the game's most aggressive attacks.

There is a lot of trepidation about this game, but that's exactly what makes people want to take it on. The longer you play, the more immersed you become in the game. Flappy Birds, which came out around the same time as Flappy Birds, has a lot in common with this one. If anyone has played this game, there will be no forgetting the pain the pipes and the silly bird caused.


In addition to the standard overtaking mode, Geometry Dash offers a variety of gameplay options.

It is for individuals who have completed the game but still need to practice their abilities in order to get farther. In this mode, diamonds are left at the checkpoints in this mode after the player completes a task. If the level is completed in a conventional fashion, the player will be resurrected at the same checkpoint every time he or she dies.

Creating your own maps and challenges in Geometry Dash is another fun feature. Alternatively, you may make a copy of the map and distribute it to other players.

Hold your finger down to jump successive platforms.

It's not uncommon to have to hop between three or four platforms at a time. You don't have to worry about missing any of these platforms since you can simply hold your finger on the screen and hop up on them all. Keep in mind that, if spikes begin to form, you should cease holding your phone to your face.

Ignore the inconvenient coins.

You'll want to collect coins as you progress thru the game, just like in any other platformer. To be fair, like with any platformer, you'll come across certain coins that are simply impossible to reach. Do not waste your time trying to gather these coins if you are not willing to put yourself at risk.

Try practice mode.

The level progression is not affected by this mode, and if you die, you can return to the beginning of the game. It's a good way to get a feel for the game's level structure. If you're having trouble with a certain sort of problem, we strongly encourage you to use it.

Use boosters

Using boosters is the only way to gain a leg up on the competition. It's possible that some of these will allow you to leap further or slower than normal. All of these are useful and will help you earn a good score without dying.

Take breaks...

We warned you to take regular breaks to avoid overworking your brain. In order to prevent tossing your new phone thru a pane of glass and killing your neighbor, you should take regular pauses from the game. To keep your concentration at its peak, drink lots of water.

Features of the Geometry Dash APK

  • Lots of levels with different soundtracks.
  • Unlock new icons to customize your character.
  • Build and share your levels with other users using the level editor.
  • Practice in the new practice mode to improve your skills.
  • No trouble with in-app purchases
  • Gain a huge number of achievements and rewards.
  • New icons and color effects
  • You can participate in demon challenges conducted weekly.
  • You can sort levels by
  • You can enjoy new chests to reach the next levels.
  • Take full advantage of level leaderboards to excel in the game.