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Jul 20, 2022

Cairo's traffic jams are unimaginable in their severity. The methodical disorder that permeates Cairo's streets is mind-boggling, to say the least. As a result of this discomfort, our health and the environment are negatively affected.

The obvious approach to lowering pollution, noise, and the deep-seated anger issues that come with driving or commuting around Cairo has already been applied in cities around the world, including Amsterdam. Surely you've figured it out! We're speaking of bicycles here. Egyptians can now share bikes more easily because the country is trying to cut down on pollution from burning fuel and improve traffic flow.

Seeing a need to minimise traffic congestion and protect the environment, the city of Cairo has introduced the "Cairo Bike" project. This programme intends to encourage citizens to commute by bicycle rather than by car. By the middle of July, the first bike station will be set up somewhere in Cairo.

The concept

Using a bike-sharing system, the Cairo Bike initiative allows residents to borrow a bike for a period of time and then return it to a separate station for the next user. Using a pre-paid recharge card, consumers can pay just one Egyptian pound every hour for the service.

A total of 500 GPS-tracked bikes will be given to 45 stations near metro stations and other modes of public transportation in Garden City and Zamalek, starting in the capital's financial district. Solar electricity is used to power both the bicycles and the architecture of the stations, which is a terrific environmental undertaking.

Egyptian officials said that this project fits with the country's plans to combine transportation, health, and environmental standards to get rid of harmful emissions in Cairo, the capital city.

The process

That's great, but how do you actually rent a bike? You have two alternatives when it comes to signing up with Cairo Bike as a user. Alternatively, you can stop by the project's information desk in Tahrir Square, which is manned 24 hours a day. You'll be able to see where the closest bike stations are on the app's map. You may unlock the bike using the app on your phone when you arrive. Finally, after your ride is over, you'll have to leave it at a nearby stop and get on the next train. The software calculates the total number of hours and associated expenses depending on the aforementioned rate based on the length of your trip. Because the app is simple to use, it provides a convenient and smooth method of travel.

Future Plans

Cairo appears to be moving closer to becoming a bicycle-friendly city. While Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi is well known for his many bicycle-related activities, we've also seen him encourage Egyptians to ride their bikes. The "A Bike for Every Citizen" national sports campaign was also established by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. During the first five years, Cairo Bike's services will be subsidised to ensure that they are affordable for all residents. In addition, we anticipate that the city's infrastructure will include more bike lanes to improve riders' safety and comfort.

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