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App By:
2.4.1 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 18, 2022

CARD SME BANK, Inc. konek2CARD is now at your service!

Konek2CARD is a mobile banking service provided by Card MRI that allows clients to conduct financial transactions remotely using a mobile device such as an Android phone.

Thru this app, clients can conduct financial transactions like cash-in, cash-out, and pay loans.

Client Inquiries

• Balance Inquiry

-To check the balance of the latest savings and the outstanding balance of loans

• Mini Statement

-To see the last 10 transactions made in your account using the konek2CARD mobile application, ATM, over-the-counter, payroll deposit, etc.

• E-statement

-Last 60 Days: Transactions made thru the konek2CARD mobile application, over-the-counter, ATM etc.

• Transaction History

-To see the transaction history of the mobile application only. The transaction range is up to 30 days.

• Fee Structure

-Amount of fee or charge for the transaction made thru konek2CARD Agents.


• Cardless Withdrawal

-Can do cash withdrawal in a Digital Cash Machine (DCM) by using the QR code generated on the konek2CARD application.

• Cash out Request

-Can do cash withdrawal in konek2CARD Agents by using QR code or reference number generated in the konek2CARD application.

• Client Initiated Payment

-Can be used to pay the loan’s weekly due or monthly due by using the savings account.

• Fund Transfer

Card SME Bank accounts can be used to transfer the desired amount of money to other Card SME Bank accounts or to your own Card SME Bank accounts.

Agent Assisted:

• Agent Assisted Payment

Used by the agents to help their co-members pay their loans with MBA and savings, with corresponding fees.

• Cash in

Used by customer/agent to deposit on their savings accounts thru agents with corresponding fees.

• Cash Out Completion

Used by agents to help their co-members withdraw from their savings accounts with corresponding fees.

New Features:

• E-load

• Bills Payment


• ATM Location

• Products and Services

• Bank News

• Call Customer Service

Inbox Menu


-Confirmation Message

Broadcast Message

-Sent Concern