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Tencent Games
1.7.475 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 10, 2020


Chess Rush Mod APK: Chess is one of the most popular board games in the world, and perhaps the most difficult is the second player is stronger. To become a professional in this game you must have a very good IQ. One game that can help you become a chess player is the Chess Rush Mod APK.

There are thousands of different chess games in the market, but after trying them all, I found that Chess Rush really helps you find the best opponents, as well as amazing graphics with amazing gameplay. For this reason, I played chess in addition to all the chess games available in the market.

The game uses champions in MOBA to join chess and then play against the other 7 players. I like the variety of the game and the very new strategy. Chess pieces automatically rotate after a fight, which is why I put this game above all other chess games.

Chess Rush Mod APK

The game was developed by Tencent, one of the most popular developers in the world, and is the company responsible for one of the most popular games for Android devices, Pabji Mobile. One thing you can count on is faith that you will not lose.

Chess Rush is a strategy game in which players in multiplayer chess are chosen to face each other. Each of you has control on one side of the board. You have different champions to choose from, each with their own strengths and skills.

And once you've collected enough heroes and money, you can start building your team. Depending on the heroes you have, your team will have different strategies and approaches. Nevertheless, the match is very intense and fun at the same time. Become a sensible leader and build the best team to deal with your opponents.

Technology is important, but Karma sees it as a job too! Manage your first class with a program of over 50 Saints and transform into a King of the Board with 7 different players!

Features of the Chess Rush Mod app

A simple and stable car chess experience

First of all, Chess Rush offers every Android player a smooth and satisfying experience. These players can focus on the gameplay much faster than the small items. That being said, you can log into the game right away and start your automatic chess fight whenever you want. In addition, the decision requirements also make the game more suitable for low-end devices.

A fast and exciting game when you want it

In addition, Chess Rush was developed for mobile users, as players can initially participate in chess matches. In addition to the typical 40-minute game, you can also enjoy fast, satisfying games that typically last less than 10 minutes. Just try the new Turbo Mod and experience that the game runs as fast as before.

Completely unbiased gameplay

That's right. You can't win money in a game of chess. You should earn it through experience and expertise. The gameplay focuses solely on the strategic aspect, as players can enjoy a classic Auto Totto chess fight, including in-app purchases.

An incredible automatic chess fight with incredible strategic aspects

For a mobile game, Chase Rush offers most of the features you can only get in PC games. First of all, you will find the graphics extremely realistic and accurate. With over 50 different heroes with extra powers and abilities, you'll have the opportunity to experiment with various tricks and team compasses on an 8 x 8 board.

Experience exciting offline gameplay with others

For the first time, Android players have the opportunity to test their automated chess skills with players from around the world. Participate in epic gameplay on a global server and fight against 7 different players from different locations. He was defeated on this battlefield because he was the only survivor.

Get your free price every day

There are dozens of exciting prizes for those who are relatively active in the game. That means you have to log in to the game to get your daily rewards, or complete missions and challenges to unlock epic skins, precious chests and more.

Graphics and Player

Chess Rush offers better graphics for Android than any other chess game. Since the game was developed by Tencent, there is no doubt that there are bad graphics, which is why millions of players enjoy the game's most beautiful graphics. Aside from the graphics, you should not miss the gameplay