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9.0 for Android
Updated On:
Jul 18, 2020

What is Bellara VIP APK Free Fire?

This is a MOD app for your favorite Survival Bellara VIP game Free Fire Shoot. This amazing and addictive game will immerse you in a 10-minute challenge to survive. Where you are alone to protect yourself while neutralizing your opponents.

FF is the ultimate survival challenge game for you. Here you have to fight with 39 other players on many unfamiliar islands from the world. The challenge lasts ten minutes.

There must be a winner for you. This should be the last one you stand for here. Your enemies are not just another 49, once you are on the ground you need to be in a safe area.

You can ride or sit in the front seat of any vehicle you can touch. To stay out of sight of other players, explore all areas of the island, move through the grass, or crawl into the pits.

Take your time and attack your enemy at the time and place of your choice. Challenge them, challenge them, or snap them from a safe distance. The choice is yours. There are no standards for war, and there are no rules that limit your choice. Your ultimate goal is to survive to the end.

In such a situation, it is not always possible to exclude and exclude 49 others from limited resources, ammunition, and equipment. Apps like Bellara VIP APK are useful in such situations.

Bellara VIP Free Fire gives you a huge advantage in terms of equipment, possibilities, and opportunities. This will equip you with more than the necessary skills and make you the most difficult opponent in the arena.

If you want to be the most challenging, invincible, and terrible fighter on the battlefield. Get the Bellara VIP APK and you can do this all the time.

Bellara VIP Functions

The fantastic features of this ESP hacking application leave your enemies on the battlefield. Make a king and Sparta no challenge. Below we have listed all the hacks and cheats you can use in the gameplay to get the upper hand.

  • Purpose offered
  • Job
  • Hit the ball
  • Hit the ball
  • To zoom
  • Ignore the target
  • The aim behind the wall
  • Tsp esp
  • Asp name
  • ESP distance
  • ESP Management
  • ESP Box
  • ESP laser line 007
  • Run with Medkit
  • Teleport Pro ++
  • Weapons
  • Kit
  • Tools
  • Skin
  • Change ESP color, height, text size, etc.

How do I install Bellara VIP APK?

To dive into the wonderful game of adventure and discovery, you have to download and install the APK version of this hack tool. Here you will find detailed information on how to download and install it. Follow the steps one by one and you can use it right away.

Using Bellara VIP APK Free Fire

The application is now integrated into the Android operating software on your smartphone. It's time to find the icon on your phone screen and start your relentless adventure of winning streak.

According to the creators of this application. The hack tool has an anti-ban function. However, we recommend using a virtual application or logging in with a guest account to avoid distortion. Unfortunately, it is safe if an unfortunate event robs you of your identity.

In addition, Bellara VIP APK Free Fire is a third-party application and is not launched or promoted by the Free Facial Free Fire Authority. In contrast, the use of such applications is not recommended. So use it at your own risk.


Bellara VIP APK Free Fire is the latest addition to Bellara's Free Fire Hack Tool repository. If you also want to enjoy this cheat tool, tap the link below. This will automatically start the download process.